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The data comes from this location: U.S. Department of Labor and is the combined files for 2021.

A H-1B Junkie is someone who used the opportunity America used to offer to work their way up very high in Business or Government who now denies that very opportunity to the citizens of our country.

They justify this by saying it decreases poverty in the rest of the World, but the reality is it creates poverty here in America as shown by the tidal wave of homelessness here in America.

The Worst of The Worst are government agencies like the Department of Labor and the Texas Workforce Commission who are tasked with creating opportunity for Americans in America, who at the same time use our money paid in by American citizens to hire people who are not Americans or outsource their work to companies that will not hire Americans in America

Many of you will say this is not happening which is why I built this system so that you can search your city to see who the H-1B Junkies are.

Most Government Agencies hide in the secondary named business entity field like the snakes that they are.

Do your family a favor. Learn to use this system and demand answers from your town leaders, and demand accountability from our government oversite committees instead of this slap on the wrist that Facebook received.